Be the Bill - Terms and Conditions of Participation

  1. Be The Bill is a campaign created and organized by Go Gentle Australia to highlight public support for the upcoming parliamentary vote on the current draft of a South Australian Voluntary Euthanasia bill.
  2. To participate, members of the public can create their own personalised bill at is required to connect with your Facebook profile. Follow the online prompts from to sign in to your Facebook account and complete the connection.
  3. Users who do not have a Facebook account are not eligible to participate in this mechanic. Please visit Go Gentle Australia for more information and additional contact details on how you can make your voice heard.
  4. When connecting with Facebook,, on behalf of Go Gentle Australia, accepts your public profile details including:
    1. your full name as registered with Facebook,
    2. your email address as registered with Facebook and
    3. your current Facebook profile picture only
    These details are used to create your personalised bill. This information will be stored as a record of your petition and participation in this cause.
  5. Stored information serves as a record of all participants only and on request may be made available to any or all of the participating South Australian politicians only. By law this information must be made available to impacted parties and each party may, at their discretion, contact or validate any of these petitions.
  6. Stored information will not be shared, sold or made publicly available. Users that have chosen to share their bill on the public website or on Facebook, are sharing their personalised bill only, any further personal or identifiable information will not be shared – this applies most specifically to email addresses.
  7. On completion of your connection with Facebook, we automatically send a copy of your personalised bill directly to the email inbox of the registered South Australian politicians who will vote in the bill. No further information or action is required on your behalf.
  8. Each participant is also given the opportunity to publish their personalised bill to the public facing wall of campaign website. Prior to this, each participant will have the choice to:
    1. Adjust their profile image. This includes scaling the image. Images cannot be deleted, replaced or altered once the bill has been created.
    2. Choose to publish their bill to the public facing campaign site, by selecting the checkbox to publish the bill to the public facing campaign site, and implies your agreement to having your complete bill, image and Facebook name being publicly visible.
    3. Choose to share their bill on Facebook. Once sharing in Facebook, each user is bound by the Facebook conditions of sharing. Select the checkbox to share and publish your bill publicly.
    4. Choose to read the Bill – a PDF (portable document format) of the bill can be viewed online and may be downloaded. To view PDF files you may require to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer (free download).
    5. encourages all users to share their bill publicly or on Facebook as a mechanic to spread the word and encourage extended conversation and debate on this important topic.
  9. We reserve the right to remove or delete from public view any personalised bills that are considered malicious, containing vulgar or unacceptable images or content intent at creating upset.

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